Environmental Remediation

Menard Oceania offers a range of environmental remediation solutions to remove, minimize or mitigate the risk associated with site contamination.

As part of its core business, Menard Oceania has long been offering techniques such as:

- Soil mixing or jet grouting to bind or contain the contamination.

- Cut-off walls and permeable reactive barriers to prevent the migration of the contamination.

Its offering then expanded and now also includes:

- The conventional in-situ and on-site remediation techniques: venting, sparging, ISCO, ISCR, bioremediation,...

- The cutting-edge technologies developed by Soletanche Freyssinet Group: Serviceable Permeable Reactive Barriers, HDPE high-depth vertical confinement, environmental soil mixing (stabilization, oxidation, reduction), sleeved tube injection.

These techniques can either directly address the contamination source or act on the contamination pathway.

Menard Oceania elaborates a unique remediation strategy for each site: its design uses one or a combination of these techniques and takes into account the environmental context as well as the various requirements of the project in terms of regulation, targets and costs.


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