Industrial and Commercial Buildings

At Menard Oceania we have a proven track record handling ground improvement works for industrial and commercial buildings, providing great beginnings through strong floor support systems.

Water plants and sewer

Menard Oceania is proactive in the discipline of sanitation engineering: having constructed many retention and storage facilities, storm water runoff, polluted water and flood water; structures include underground and above ground water supply reservoirs, pump stations and wastewater treatment stations. Menard Oceania’s background in foundation engineering is a perfect fit for the application of many of the techniques encompassed within its varied repertoire: watertight barriers; ground improvement and reinforcement, civil engineering works, ground anchors, shafts, jet grouting and many more.

Foundation works under LNG tanks and similar structures

Identifying the most effective foundation system, one which guarantees smooth and safe performance over time is the objective for Menard Oceania engineers. The most cost-effective foundation system often requires several different ground improvement methods that take into account the variations in soil properties and load conditions. The most common requirements are for support of heavy and uniform loads (water, oil, gas storage) and isolated loads (industrial, infrastructure, pipe-racks) to achieve the reduction of total and differential settlements within acceptable limits.


Warehouse structures are typically located within poor soil areas and have a requirement for differential and total settlement across ground floor slabs. Ground improvement for warehouses considers optimisation of the in-situ ground properties to achieve settlement criteria, this then removes the need to bridge poor soil conditions with structural piles and a thick structural slab. In this instance structural designers can consider slab on grade design, founded on Menard Oceania’s ground improvement solutions.


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