Transport and Communication Routes

At Menard Oceania, our wide range of techniques enables us to come up with solutions that will help you build on solid ground.

Roads and bridges

Transport infrastructure is often confronted with the problem of building over soft, compressible soils such as wetlands or alluvial flood plains. Treatment of the soil to contain settlement and eliminate the risk of failure is unavoidable. Menard Oceania’s ground improvement techniques offer a variety of cost effective solutions to address these problems. Soil type and the depth of treatment required and comprise shall be considered when selecting the soil improvement methods: pre-consolidation or compaction or soil reinforcement methods involving inclusions.

Whatever solution is chosen, the object remains to minimise long term creep settlement and improve the shear strength of the soil. Access embankments to bridge structures often generate the most critical demand for soil treatment. The improved soil will increase and preserve the service life of the road pavement, thus reducing life-cycle costs for the roadways and structures.


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