Ground improvement by dynamic replacement and stone columns within maritime environment at Ichthys LNG project in Darwin

Menard - Micropiles

Inpex Browse, Ltd (Inpex) and its partner Total are developing the Ichthys gas field to pipe that gas to onshore facilities at Bladin Point on south side of East Arm in Darwin Harbour. The proposed LNG plant consist of gas receiving facilities, 2 x 4.2Mtpa nominal capacity LNG trains, LPG and condensate production facilities, product storage and export facilities, Module Offload Facility (MOF), flare pad (FP).

The proposed on-shore facilities are located on extremely soft intertidal mangrove muds, therefore an appropriate ground improvement was required to achieve required strength and stability of the site works and limit long term settlement to an acceptable level.

Various ground improvement techniques were studied to select the most suitable for the ground conditions and site constraints encountered at the Blaydin point site. Dynamic Replacement (DR) technique was selected for onshore section to improve soft mangrove mud to depth of 5.5m and Stone Columns (SC) technique was selected for off-shore section to improve soft deposits to a depth of 2.5m.

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