Ground stabilization works for Sydney Airport Project 2C

ground stabilization works for Sydney Airport

Menard Oceania has recently completed ground stabilization works to support Seymour Whyte’s project on the International Terminal – Project 2C.

The works consisted in a campaign of jet grouting to provide lateral restraint to a sheet pile wall located adjacent to the RMS owned Giovanni Brunetti Bridge.

The jet grout plug spans an approximate area of 13m long by 7.5m wide. Our team installed a total of 42 columns at 1m to 1.5m deep.

This project brought us back to good memories from almost 7 years ago, when we were completing one of our biggest jet grouting job for Sydney Airport (Runway End Safety Area project), installing 5,600 lm of columns.

Menard secondly installed a mini pile solution that provided an alternate to typical large diameter piling; in conjunction with a wider piling package successfully delivered by its sister company AFS Bachy Soletanche. The final solution consisted in 8No. 25m deep & 275mm diameter piles in a restrained headroom of 4m utilising one of our 12t rigs. Quite a good performance in such a confined space!

“The site location was another challenging aspect on this job, being just next to a pedestrian walking lane and about 30m from the Cook River: this meant that all spoil generated by drilling activities had to be minimal and contained” explains Tin Le, project manager at Menard Oceania.

The team successfully implemented a continuous enclosed recycling drilling fluid system which caused minimal impact to surrounding environment.

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Menard Oceania maintains an exceptional 45-year history in Australia offering design and construction geotechnical experience. Providing cost effective ground improvement solutions for some of Australia’s mid-to-large infrastructure and construction projects. Its recent completion of the Pacific Highway upgrade, Optus Stadium (Perth) and Melbourne’s Webb Dock Project are Menard’s largest CMC projects in Australia.

Menard Oceania is a part of Soletanche Freyssinet, a group of world leaders in soil, structural and nuclear engineering. This relationship further strengthens Menard’s ability to manage complex integrated problems and continue as the leader and pioneer of specialist geotechnical contracting.

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