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Ground Improvement Remedation works Barangaroo

Everyone has heard about Barangaroo: the transformation of this 22-hectare brownfield site west of the port of Sydney is one of the world’s most ambitious urban renewal projects currently under way. It includes a park, three apartment and office towers, a hotel and casino and a shopping area. The entire site is to be completed by the end of 2023. Such a big urban development starts by making sure there is a solid ground to build on. This is why Menard Oceania’s team is working on this project since 2012.

The first phase of the project for Menard Oceania and Soletanche Bachy International (SBIMBJV) involved the construction of the foundations for the three high-rise buildings, anchoring them at a depth of more than 25 metres, as well as the construction of the perimeter retaining walls with the Soletanche Bachy Hydrofraise. As an industrial brownfield site, the project posed a number of significant geotechnical and environmental challenges due to the poor quality of the ground that was heavily polluted and consisted of a variety of man-made backfill materials, as well as its proximity to the port.


Read all about the first stage of our works @Barangaroo here – SPOILER ALERT: we completed a 13,000 m2 basement wall with 500 ground anchors!


As a result of the efficiency with which the first phase of the project was carried out, Soletanche Bachy International together with the local teams of Menard Oceania and Advanced Foundations Solutions (part of Soletanche since 2013) won the AU$45M contract to build the retaining walls for the sensitive soil remediation contract along with the retaining walls for the second phase of the towers.

Remediation works @Barangaroo 4&5 – 2016 – Menard Oceania

We are working closely with our client Lendlease on this project, which is using a large variety of the technical capacities of the SoilTeam including jet grouting/ micro piles, soil bentonite walls amongst others. The jet grouting wall was 100% built under our white tents moving around the site supported by an adapted rail system. All the activities are carried out under a negative pressure environment resulting from an air processing plant connected to the tents. “It was crucial for us to make sure that all the means implemented on the Barangaroo site allowed no smell to escape the site and disturb the neighbours” said Olaf Duwer, our QSE Manager.

An arsenal of means was implemented to fight against pollution, including some innovative PPEs which can give the impression that the site is being carried out by a team of astronauts.

“We are extremely proud to be involved in such a big project for the city of Sydney” said Philippe Vincent, Menard Oceania’s Managing Director.

Shout out to our workers who have achieved more than 100,000 man hours injury free. Well done team.

The SBIMB JV crew ready to go after the daily safety briefing @Barangaroo 


Photos courtesy: Frederic Courbet, Kevin Doyle


Menard Oceania maintains an exceptional 45-year history in Australia offering design and construction geotechnical experience. Providing cost effective ground improvement solutions for some of Australia’s mid-to-large infrastructure and construction projects. Its recent completion of the Pacific Highway upgrade, Optus Stadium (Perth) and Melbourne’s Webb Dock Project are Menard’s largest CMC projects in Australia.

Menard Oceania is a part of Soletanche Freyssinet, a group of world leaders in soil, structural and nuclear engineering. This relationship further strengthens Menard’s ability to manage complex integrated problems and continue as the leader and pioneer of specialist geotechnical contracting.

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