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MENARD WHITE PAPER ‘How to Hire a Geotechnical Engineering Firm’

Are you looking to hire a geotechnical contracting engineer for your next construction project but not sure where to start? While there are a number of risks associated with project performance, poor soils or ground conditions are one of the most common sources of project...

Jet Grouting within Contaminated Land Fill

Jet grouting is one of the most popular techniques for strengthening soils. The principle relies on the use of a liquid jet with high kinetic energy to deconstruct the soil matrix and mix it in place with a binder brought by the jetted liquid itself...

Jet Grouted Mass Gravity Wall to Stabilise Bridge Abutment Upgrade

The existing expressway exclusively facilitates a reversible one-way traffic movement stretching from Darlington to Noarlunga. The $407.5 million southern expressway duplication project includes the design and construction of 18.5kms of roadway alongside the existing expressway carriageway to convert the one-way road into a multi-lane, two-way...

Barangaroo South harbourside basement Australia challenges and solutions

Barangaroo South is a major mixed use development located at the southern end of the Barangaroo development project in Sydney, Australia (Wong et al., 2013). It is located on Sydney’s Central Business District waterfront on the foreshore of DarlingHarbour as shown in Figure 1, and...