At Menard Oceania we have a proven track record handling ground improvement works for industrial and commercial buildings, providing great beginnings through strong floor support systems.

Warehouse structures are typically located within poor soil areas and have a requirement for differential and total settlement across ground floor slabs. Ground improvement for warehouses considers optimisation of the in-situ ground properties to achieve settlement criteria, this then removes the need to bridge poor soil conditions with structural piles and a thick structural slab.

Ground improvement technologies are well adapted to the loads induced by factories and warehouses, such as slab-on-grade and isolated footings. Typically, the load intensity is not too high and the floor area to be treated is large. For structures to be built on non-cohesive soils, the Dynamic Compaction and/or Vibro Compaction will be the ground improvement method selected. The reinforcement method using either Dynamic Replacement, Stone Columns or Controlled Modulus Column Rigid Inclusions (CMCs) is more suited for structures to be built on saturated cohesive soils. In fact, CMCs is by far the most suitable method due to its speed and cost effectiveness.

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