Ports and Airports

Menard Oceania’s years of experience, range of activities and ownership of equipment in-house, allow us to provide solutions to many problems associated with Ports and Airports Infrastructures.

The construction of ports and airports would normally be on existing soft compressible soil and/or reclaimed granular fill. For these facilities to be built on highly compressible and saturated soils, our techniques provide economical solutions to consolidate these soils within a reduced timeframe, in order to guarantee minimal residual settlements when the platforms are operational. The main objectives of treating the cohesive soils for ports and airports construction are:

  • To ensure the self-bearing capacity and stability of the fill and existing soils;
  • To reduce long term residual settlements.

Infrastructure built on the coast often require complex geotechnical works. Permanent prestressed anchors, caissons, caissons lying on underwater stone columns, jet grouting stabilisation, Menard vacuum consolidation… all techniques in the Menard Oceania range of skills acquired several decades of involvement in large international projects. We got you covered!

Construction projects at ports generally involve vast areas of land, either reclaimed or natural deposits. Treatment objectives can range from retention systems, settlement control and increased bearing capacity, to liquefaction prevention against seismic events. Often reclaimed land lies over wetlands which are recovered using dredged or imported fill materials.

The resulting areas of reclaimed land frequently present challenges to the designer to identify economical means of improving such large areas of land. The designer’s primary objective is to induce a soil treatment which stabilises the fill for short-term and long-term performance in the most cost-effective manner. At Menard Oceania, we provide methods combined with experience to address this objective.

Marine structure remediation

Remediation of quay and marine structures is often complex, but provides a cost-effective way to maintain a port‘s activity at full capacity. Menard Oceania is able to provide solutions to many problems associated with long-term settlement, erosion and corrosion of retaining structures that are present in existing port and jetty facilities. Global warming and associated rise in sea level create an ever increasing requirement for coastal and offshore infrastructure maintenance.

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