Residential and Commercial Buildings

Commercial, institutional, and residential building projects are generally driven by a financial model that requires a high-quality product under the umbrella of very demanding cost constraints. It is imperative that well performing, warranted and cost-conscious construction techniques are used for these projects. Menard Oceania’s smart ground improvement solutions have been implemented numerous times to help developers with meeting their project’s cost and schedule constraints.

For the construction of low-rise commercial and residential buildings on marginal soils, especially over thick soft compressible soils, the typical foundation system will be using piles to transfer the loads from the structures to the competent soils below the compressible soil layer. Ground improvement methods represent attractive alternative solutions for these buildings to provide savings in terms of construction time and cost.

A wide range of ground improvement technologies such as Menard Vacuum Consolidation, Dynamic Replacement, Jet Grouting and Controlled Modulus Columns can be adopted. The Controlled Modulus Columns stand out as the preferred choice due to its high load carrying capacity and speedy construction. Jet Grouting is also an attractive solution to get you out of trouble on sites with tight access and enclosed structures.

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