Menard - Bentonite Slurry Wall

Rock anchors represent the first ground engineering activity established by Menard Oceania in Australia, who also offers rock bolts, cable bolts and soil nails systems.

Why is it used

Rock anchors are used in Australia and in a wide variety of structures, including dams, wharves, retaining walls, foundations and structures subject to hydraulic uplift forces. We can design and install permanent or temporary anchors using strand or bars; jacking systems have been developed in-house for load capacities of up to 1500 tonnes in strand anchors.

Menard - Bentonite Slurry Wall

How does it work

Rock bolts, cable bolts and soil nails systems are available for use in numerous applications, separately, or in combination, as solutions to ground/structure stability problems. Menard Oceania can design, supply and install these products above and/or below ground, using cement based and/or chemical bonding grouts.

Did You Know

The group has also introduced several innovative anchoring solutions in Australia such as SBMA and Self-Drilled Freyssibar system.

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