Menard Vaccum™ Consolidation

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The Menard Vacuum™ Consolidation method was conceived and developed by Menard and is used for preloading and consolidating soft and very soft saturated impervious soils.

Why is it used?

For the rapid consolidation of soft saturated cohesive soils that are essentially impervious. Vacuum Consolidation can be used in isolation or in conjunction with some surcharge loading. It is an efficient time-saving consolidation method; loading and construction can proceed as early as two weeks after vacuum pumping.

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How does it work?

It involves the application of a partial vacuum to a soil mass of soft to very soft saturated, impervious, cohesive material by delivering a homogeneous and isotropic partial vacuum pressure throughout the soil mass. This effect is doubly beneficial because it simulates but also improves on the concept of surcharge loading, whilst diminishing the stability risk normally associated with that method of consolidation.


The Menard Vacuum Consolidation technology has a wide range of applications from the construction of roads and highways, areas designated for different types of tanks (for liquids,Gaz, granular materials) to large spatial areas such as airport terminals, harbour container terminals or power plant.

This method is suitable for organic soils with high moisture content and existing in large areas. It is also suitable for soft cohesive soils with a thickness of more than 30 m.

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