Micro Piles

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Micro Piles or Mini Piles as they are also called, are small diameter piles comprised of a central steel component with an annular surround of grout that is in contact with the soil, often employed where access for large piling equipment is prohibited.

Why is it used?

In situations where limited space and/or headroom conditions exist but where relatively high load carrying capacity is required.

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How does it work?

The structural principle of Micro Piles differs from normal reinforced concrete piles in that the load is carried wholly by the steel component of the Micro Pile, whether that is reinforcement or steel pipe, therefore the load capacity of the Micro Pile is determined by the structural capacity of the steel. Installation equipment is typically the same as for anchoring.


Micropiling is most commonly utilised as direct structural underpinning to support existing structures. It can also be installed in closely spaced groups or networks as an alternative to conventional piling schemes on remote sites or under bridge abutments.

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