Rapid Impact Compaction

Menard - Bentonite Slurry Rapid Impact Compaction

Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) consists in shallow ground densification using energy waves from a hydraulic hammer weighing 7.7 to 9.9 tons that rapidly and repeatedly impacts the ground at 40 or more blows per minute.

Why is it used?

To reduce liquefaction and seismic-induced settlement, increase bearing capacity, reduce long term settlement and collapse voids. Lower levels of vibration with higher frequencies are less damaging to existing structures where Dynamic Compaction cannot be used.

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How does it work?

The arrangement and careful calculation of the impact points of the pounders, as well as the other parameters of the treatment (energy, phasing, rest periods), are determined based on the characteristics of the soil and results of the trial zone.


  • High mobility: the use of the excavator as the equipment unit makes this technology highly mobile and applicable in areas with difficult access.
  • Environmental reclamation: the RIC method can be used on the areas of former landfill sites, abandoned open-pit mines and quarries, uncompacted dumps.
  • Safety in urban areas
  • Simplicity of implementation
  • Economy: high efficiency and simplicity makes this technique one of the most economically advantageous methods of the subsoil improvement


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