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Our mission? Helping construction companies to deal with pollution of soils and groundwater.

Our Expertise

With increasingly dense urban environments, construction companies regularly have to deal with pollution of soils and groundwater, which, during the construction phase, can impact:

  • Pumped groundwater
  • Excavated soil
  • Site slurry
  • The local environment, in terms of odours and dust

We make our expertise available to you to deal with these issues, advising you on the best strategies to adopt.

The problems we solve

Water affected by suspended solids

  • Sizing and on-site supply of the appropriate mobile wastewater treatment units
  • Analytical follow-up

Polluted soils

  • Soil characterization
  • Excavation mapping
  • Optimization of waste treatment outlets, resulting in cost savings
  • Supervision of waste evacuation including regulatory traceability
  • Turnkey service for the excavation and removal of contaminated soils


  • Sludge treatment, drying/dewatering and disposal or recovery

Odours and dust

  • Environmental follow up on site and around sites (digital measures or quantitative captors)
  • Impact reduction: control of the airflow, masking agents, atomizers, work under depressurized tents.

Our strengths

  • Operational engineering with a commitment to results
  • Modular treatment units designed for each site
  • Connected systems allowing a reliable monitoring
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