Permeable Reactive Barriers

Permeable Reactive Barriers employ the established geotechnical engineering concepts of slurry wall technology to provide a means of containing and treating contaminated ground water plumes. It facilitates the remediation of contaminated groundwater and soil without mass excavation, disposal or conventional “pump and treat” methods.

Why is it used?

Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRB) are ideal when in-situ remediation of contaminated sites are required whilst limiting the impact on groundwater flow.

How does it work?

Usually, a reactive barrier is installed as a narrow trench beneath the ground surface so that contaminated groundwater passes through the barrier, and emerges ‘clean’ because contaminates are treated and/or removed by the reactive medium of the barrier.

Typical treatment media used as a permeable reactive barrier wall include granular iron, activated carbon, engineered bacteria, chemicals, and special clays.

Did you know ?

Menard Oceania is Australia’s leading contractor for the installation of PRB wall structures.


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