100 Jet Grout Projects-Day 2

Happy Tuesday! It’s Day 2 of Menard’s Jet Grouting Week.

Today, let’s focus on how Menard applied its expertise in Jet Grouting to a Water and sewerage project.

Menard is proud to have worked on the Hobsons Bay Main Sewer, which transfers approximately 30% of Melbourne’s wastewater to the Western Treatment Plant. A duplicated sewer crossing needs to be built to allow for the diversion of the wastewater away from the existing sewer, facilitating condition monitoring and rehabilitation works.

As part of the project, Menard was contracted to install a Jet Grout Ground Treatment in the bottom of both shafts to form a plug, a ground improvement block between the two shafts to enable tunneling, and an encasement of the sewer for protection and water retention.

A mixed-design lab trial was conducted in the house, showing the difference between the soils and alternative cement products. After this, a full-scale trial was conducted to further prove the ability of alternative cement products to perform in the Jet Grouting application. Menard was able to commence delivery of alternative cementitious products, attributing to a CO2 reduction of 25% on 500T of supply.

The loaded-out spoil of the jet grouting works was tested, and due to its setting strength from the cement, it was able to be recycled and used elsewhere. This accounted for nearly 5,600T of material diverted from landfill, totaling 50% of the material to re-use.

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