High Energy Impact Compaction (HEIC) or Impact Roller Compaction relies on rollers at the ground surface that transmits high energy impact and compacts the ground.

High Energy impact Compaction MENARD

Presentation and key elements

What is it?

High Energy Impact Compaction, or Impact Roller Compaction, relies on rollers that transmit high energy impacts to compact the ground.

Impact roller module cross-sections are 3 to 5-sided to increase compaction depth compared to conventional circular rollers.

As with conventional roller compaction, ground treatment is achieved by applying HEIC in several passes. The number of passes depends on ground conditions, the targeted level of compaction, roller shape and roller weight.

When and why use it?

This technique can be applied to loose, compressible granular soils.

💡 Menard’s tip

High Energy Impact Compaction can be performed in thicker lifts compared to conventional roller compaction, which reduces cost and time!

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