Vopak B4A Expansion

Vopak B4A Expansion includes three 43.5 m diameter steel tanks for the storage of diesel fuel within an area of
vacant land in Sydney’s Port Botany. Each tank is 24.35 m high and exerts an average pressure of up to 243
kPa. These tanks were designed as per API standards, had to satisfy the differential settlement requirement of less than 13 mm per 10 m of circumference and additionally total settlements had to be limited to 50 mm

As the variable ground conditions were not adequate to support the loads of the proposed development, Menard utilised their innovative technique of Controlled Modulus Columns to uniformly treat the soil and provide a stable foundation for the construction of two of the tanks. The third tank, which was located on more suitable ground did not require the deep treatment and instead utilised a shallow surficial treatment by impact rolling compaction.

CMCs & High Energy Impact Compaction

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