Rosebery Mine

Menard was engaged as specialist Ground Improvement contractor by MMG Limited to complete the GI works associated with the construction of the Stage 2 raise to the 2/5 Dam Tailings Storage facility (TSF) at the MMG Rosebery Mine, Tasmania, which comprises of a 3 m raise of the perimeter embankments to RL 173.0 m, Modification to the screening bund and construction of a new southern embankment.

The works included two scopes, an 80m long Cement Bentonite Cut-off wall to provide a continuous homogeneous low permeability barrier to groundwater seepage. The second scope, being the main works on the package, consisted of the installation of a mass Jet Grout block at the western embankment screening bund with the purpose of the grouting to improve the strength of the foundation soils, including old tailings downstream of the screening bund. The treatment length was 275m long, 3m wide, with an average of 4m depth of treatment required. The treatment required a minimum of 1MPa of UCS strength in addition to a reduction of the permeability to 5 Lugeon.

Jet Grouting & CB Wall

The Ground conditions consisted of up to 2m of waste rock backfill over soft to firm silty clay tailings over bedrock.

Menard were chosen as a specialised Ground Improvement contractor to carry out the works for both scopes.

The Jet Grout scope involved comprehensive trials at the commencement of the works to verify the chosen mix design and Jetting parameters achieved the design intent as well as to identify any issues with the ground. The trials identified variable ground conditions over the 275m length of treatment in addition to the presence of cobbles and possibly small boulders in the waste rock layer from 0-3m from GL. Menard adjusted the column layout to account for this change in ground and initiated an installation sequence and testing program to very the quality of the works and the achievement of design intent over the 275m length of treatment.

The secondary scope involved the installation of a CB Wall, 80m long to depths of up to 7m.

The works were safely and successfully carried out on time and within budget.

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