Hinze Dam

Stage 3 of the Hinze Dam project will result in the dam wall being raised by approximately 15 metres. With a rapidly growing population and widespread drought, the pressure on water supply continues to increase. The Stage 3 project has been identified as a priority to increase the dam’s water storage capacity and delay the release of floodwaters onto the floodplains. This will reduce downstream flood levels and decrease the number of properties vulnerable to flooding.

Rock Grouting

The scope of works involved in the foundation curtain grouting works to the east of the existing dam spillway along the alignment of the dam extension to depths of up to 40m in highly fractured rock.

Menard Oceania was chosen for its expertise and experience in foundation grouting on similar project. Following pre-drilling and installation of standpipe to reach the bedrock, water testing was carried out. A series of primary, secondary, tertiary and in areas quaternary grouting holes were installed, over the alignment of the new dam foundation. Grouting was carried out in 3m stages, to depth of up to 40m within the highly fractured bedrock, resulting in a waterproof dam foundation.

Throughout the duration of the project Menard Oceania’s skills have proven to be of great value to the Hinze Dam Alliance which has led to a successful partnership and project outcome for all involved.

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