CityLink Tulla Widening – Bulla Road to Power Street Project

The CityLink Tulla Widening project involves adding new lanes and other measures to improve traffic flow across 24 kilometres of freeway between the CityLink tunnels and Melbourne Airport. The project will provide significant travel time savings between Melbourne Airport and Power Street during peak periods.

The project is being delivered in two sections, with Transurban responsible for the works from Bulla Road to Power Street with main contractor CPB and the Victorian Government delivering the works from Melbourne Airport to Bulla Road.

The ground conditions were consistent across the area, consisting of fill material, overlaying Medium to dense sand / silty-sand overlaying clayey-sand. The clayey sand layer is the founding layer the columns need to be socketed into.

Menard Oceania proposed the use of CMC’s as an alternative installation methodology to the original design of Driven Piles. The CMC solution would effectively mitigate the differential settlement across the Ramp M embankment in conformity with the project specifications.

Treatment depth afforded are identical to that proposed in the driven pile ground improvement scheme.

The CMC solution provided a substantial saving to the client in terms of Costs and Time with the project successfully completed in June 2017

Controlled Modulus Columns

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