Menard provides ground improvement solutions for all type of building projects, from small to large, all around the Oceania.

Commercial and Residential

Commercial, institutional, and residential building projects are generally driven by a financial model that requires a high-quality product under the umbrella of very demanding cost constraints.

Menard can help you:

  • Control total and differential settlements
  • Provide good bearing capacity under spread footings
  • Allow for conventional and economical shallow foundations
  • Reduce the need for off-site soil disposal

A wide range of ground improvement technologies such as:

  • Menard VacuumTM consolidation
  • Dynamic Replacement
  • Jet grouting, on sites with tight access and enclosed structures.
  • CMC with high load carrying capacity and speedy construction

It is imperative that well-performing, warranted and cost-conscious construction techniques are used for these projects.
Menard’s innovative and economical ground improvement solutions have been implemented numerous times to help developers meet their project’s cost and schedule constraints.


We have a proven track record of delivering ground improvement works for industrial buildings providing great beginnings through strong floor support systems.

If specific solutions are not applied, warehouse structures that are located within poor soil areas may be subject to excessive total and differential settlements under the footings and floor slabs. Ground improvement for warehouses optimises in-situ ground usage to satisfy settlement criteria, this removes the need to bridge poor soil conditions with structural piles and a thick structural slab. Our technologies are well adapted to the loads induced by factories and warehouses, such as slab-on-grade and isolated footings. Typically, the load intensity is not too high and the floor area to be treated is large.

For structures to be built on noncohesive soils, dynamic compaction or vibrocompaction will most likely be the ground improvement method selected. The reinforcement method using either dynamic replacement, stone columns or Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) is more suited for structures to be built on saturated cohesive soils. CMCs is by far the most suitable method due to its speed and cost-effectiveness

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