Upper Yarra Dam

The Upper Yarra Dam is a critical storage within the Melbourne Water system for the supply and distribution of
potable water for the City of Melbourne. The upgrade works at the embankment of the Upper Yarra Dam are
designed to address the key dam safety risks in line with the ANCOLD parameters. The objective of the upgrade
works is to address the risk of internal erosion and piping in the upper embankment and to provide early
detection and increased warning time of a potential piping incident within the mid to lower levels of the

Anchors & Rock Grouting

The materials varied onsite from fresh and weathered Siltstone and Sandstone.

Menard was chosen as a specialised grouting contractor to carry out the grouting as part of the upgrade works.
A 120m long grout curtain was installed which required a series of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary holes to be
drilled to depths of up to 25m BGL. Downstage permeation grouting was carried out for the purposes of the
installation of a Grout Cut Off wall. After the completion of the grouting works, Menard installed 381 number 3m
long anchors. The purpose of the anchors were to tie down the precast concrete cut-off wall on surface to the
rock formation. The works were safely and successfully carried out over a 7-week process.

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