100 Jet Grout Projects-Day 3

⚓️ We are now moving to Sydney for our third day of Jet Grouting week. Menard was involved in two significant projects in Barangaroo.

🌊 First, Menard Oceania undertook the Jet Grouting Work for the Harbour Heat Inlet (HHI) project. When completed, the HHI structure will supply over 15GL of water per year from Sydney Harbour to reject the heat from the chilled water plant servicing the air conditioning systems of all Barangaroo South’s buildings. This is another great example of a Jet Grouting water project undertaken by Menard.

🚇 Menard also worked on the Barangaroo Sydney Metro Station, which will open later this year. We were thrilled to be part of Australia’s biggest public transport project. This station is also a critical element of the Sydney Metro construction, serving as the launch point for the TBM crossing the harbour.

Menard installed the Jet Grout infill columns (between the piles) and rock grouting below the piles to limit the ingress of water from the adjacent harbour. This project presented difficult grout conditions due to the presence of up to 16m of unclassified fill material and the tidal impact of the adjacent harbour.
2800 m3 of jet grout columns were installed between the installed piles, while over 100,000 L of grout was also pumped into the underlying rock. These works allowed the station’s excavation to be completed without delay and without water ingress.

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