100 Jet Grout Projects-Day 4


🌉 Here’s another outlook at one of our 100 Jet Grouting Projects. Let’s talk bridge today!

The Southern Expressway Duplication from Darlington to Old Noarlunga to the south of Adelaide project included the extension and duplication of bridges, pedestrian walkways and interchanges located along the existing expressway, and construction of new ramps.

Reconfiguration of the eastern abutment of Elizabeth Road Bridge was required to allow for the widening of the Southern Expressway. The proposed modification involved stabilisation of the bridge abutment prior to the demolition of the lower Reinforced Earth wall (RE wall) between the expressway level and the shared path level.

The soil behind this Reinforced Earth wall was to be cut back to the face of the upper RE wall to allow space to construct a new southbound off-ramp.

Menard Oceania’s scope of work included the design & construction of a jet grouted mass gravity block in order to stabilise the abutment prior to the staged removal of the existing RE wall. The design required detailed consideration of the interaction of construction of jet grouted block and bridge loading on the existing RE wall and bridge abutment foundation. A complex system of jet grout columns was designed with different diameters, inclinations, lengths, and geometry to satisfy the project requirements, from the necessity of avoiding wing walls, bridge abutments, services, and beams.

The innovative solution of stabilisation and strengthening of an existing Reinforced Earth wall abutment using jet grouting has proven to be effective for this project: it minimised disruptions on existing traffic for both Elizabeth Road and Southern Expressway whilst also providing significant program benefits and cost savings.

Menard can apply Jet Grouting or one of our many other techniques to your roads, bridges and infrastructure projects. Reach out to learn more!

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