5 Stone Column rigs in one place draws a corwd!

It’s not every day our office staff join with operations to kick stones… in this case 5 stone column rigs were observed placing stone up-to 18m below existing ground surface. It was a great day that saw the whole business connect and appreciate the art of Stone Column installation over barbecue.

Stone Columns – What are they?

Stone Columns, also known as aggregate piers, reinforce the soil with a grid of compacted semi-rigid columns. Menard uses a vibratory probe that penetrates the soft soils to the necessary depth and compacts the material incorporated. These vertical inclusions can be made of stone and are installed in a grid pattern beneath the structure.

Stone columns are well suited for the improvement of soft or loose soils as they create vertical inclusions with high stiffness, shear strength, and draining characteristics. The result is an increased bearing capacity and a reduction of the total and differential settlements. They are particularly effective in improving slope stability and preventing liquefaction by increasing the ground’s shear strength.