Happy Vinci Safety Days from Menard Oceania

👷‍♂️ This week at Menard Oceania, we celebrated the VINCI International Safety Days 2024 event, which began on 27 May.

Each year, we reflect on the progress we have made, our safety performance and our safety culture. We remind ourselves of what could have gone wrong and what we could learn from others’ experiences.

As with every year, this year had a particular theme. The theme was two-fold:
·     the impact of our decisions
·     the significant risks of our activities.

On our project sites we ran workshops undertaking a What-If Analysis for a high risk task that each team selected from three available scenarios. We then facilitated them through their own risk assessment. At management level we reviewed the decision making process.

A decision is not a point in time but involves data gathering, understanding, judgement and execution. We reminded ourselves the difference between control and influence, and recognised that there is still room for being proactive to influence safety outcomes with better decisions and communication.

👷‍♀️ It’s about engaging, setting the right example and building trust. Happy Safety Days 2024.

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