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Mine Backfilling is most commonly, though not exclusively, used in backfilling abandoned mine workings to avoid the development of settlement or worse, sink holes, at the ground surface above, attributable to the collapse of large underground voids and subsequent progressive upward collapsing above the original void.

Our Expertise

We have access to a large fleet of drilling rigs able to reach treatment depths over 100 meters. We also have an in-depth knowledge of grout mix composition and can tailor the selection of grouts used to suit technical requirements in terms of strength and rheology as well as incorporate cost and material availability considerations.

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How does it work?

The basic method of cavity grouting for mine workings expressed simply involves drilling a pattern of bores into the workings and pumping a relatively low cement content bulk fill grout into the cavity.


Menard Oceania holds considerable experience in mine filling and cavity grouting for the securing of old underground mines and large subterranean voids.

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