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Dynamic Replacement combines Dynamic Compaction and Stone Columns techniques. It improves the bearing capacity of poor soils and reduces settlements.

Presentation and key elements

What is it?

This method combines dynamic compaction and stone columns techniques by creating large-sized crushed stone inclusions with high internal shear resistance. The columns are dynamically installed using a heavy pounder that is dropped from height.

In this application, the tamping energy drives granular material down through the compressible soils to form large-diameter reinforcement columns (with column diameters ranging from 2 m to 3.5 m).

When and why use it?

If the ground cannot be dynamically compacted directly due to high fines content within the soil, a granular material must be added. This technique is well suited to highly compressible and weak soils and can be applied to structures with high loading (including high embankment and storage tanks). It improves the bearing capacity of the poor soils and controls the total and differential settlement. An additional benefit is that dynamic replacement pillars allow for rapid drainage of the ground.

💡 Menard’s tip

The technique can be carried out with or without pre-excavation!

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