New Perth Stadium: Our Works Are Now Complete!

Menard - Bentonite Slurry Wall
May 2016 marked the end of our ground improvement works for the New Perth Stadium, in Western Australia (WA).

Let’s look back over these works that started in late 2014:

Menard Oceania, in joint venture with Soletanche Freyssinet group partner GFWA, were contracted to carry out ground improvement to the entire public precinct encircling the new stadium footprint.

The ground conditions were particularly challenging for this project:  site investigations found the upper 8m of ground to consist of fill including concrete, fly ash, car bodies and household appliances. Beneath this fill the estuarine sediment known locally as Swan River Alluvium (SRA) was found to depths of 25m overlying stiffer clays and siltstone.

To handle this ground engineering challenge, Menard Oceania & GFWA came up with a solution that consisted in:

  • Installation of 2,700m2 of sheet piling to prevent contaminant migration into the adjacent swan river
  • Design & Construction of 20,133m2 of Dynamic Compaction and Surcharge loading implemented predominately to collapse large voids such as those created by the presence of car bodies or similar within the fill material.
  • Design and construction of 8,000m2 of Vertical Drains to the bus hub area requiring over 50% of the area to be pre-punched/pre-augered to clear obstructions.
  • Design and construction of 10,000 No. Controlled Modulus Columns to 60,000m2 of the site.

See the entire case study here

We are proud to have had the opportunity to help deliver such an important infrastructure project for Perth.


Menard Oceania maintains an exceptional 45-year history in Australia offering design and construction geotechnical experience. Providing cost effective ground improvement solutions for some of Australia’s mid-to-large infrastructure and construction projects. Its recent completion of the Pacific Highway upgrade, Optus Stadium (Perth) and Melbourne’s Webb Dock Project are Menard’s largest CMC projects in Australia.

Menard Oceania is a part of Soletanche Freyssinet, a group of world leaders in soil, structural and nuclear engineering. This relationship further strengthens Menard’s ability to manage complex integrated problems and continue as the leader and pioneer of specialist geotechnical contracting.

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