Industrial plants and equipment consist of unique structures that are often very heavy and sensitive. When foundations are built on compressible soils, careful consideration must be taken during design and execution to ensure the safe operation of the plant within the structures.

Our ground improvement techniques make it possible to:

  • Support heavy uniform loads (water, oil and gas storage)
  • Support individual loads (pipeline supports, industrial equipment)
  • Support dynamic loads (oscillations, vibrations, seismic loadings)
  • Reduce absolute and differential settlement of structures
  • Mitigate the risk of soil liquefaction

We have more than 30 years if experience in ground improvement in the industry including:

  • Tank farm
  • Wind energy
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Power plant

This type of project calls for a sound knowledge of the constraints and  specifications of each structure to be treated and a familiarity with the potential technical issues which could arise during the various stages of the project from concept to handover.

Dam Engineering

Design criteria for dams are constantly evolving, generating the need for the adoption of upgraded parameters when building new dams; and additional work to ensure compliance with changing standards in the maintenance or extensions of existing dams.

The Soletanche Freyssinet group has the widest range of foundation and soil technologies. As part of the group, Menard has become a benchmark through its exclusive soil reinforcement and improvement methods.

The principal areas where Menard can assist with these matters are in:

  • Seismically deficient dams
  • Tailings impoundment stabilisation
  • Water, Seepage and erosion control or reduction
  • Safety margin against failure improvement

To do so, we use techniques such as:

  • High capacity vertical rock anchors
  • Soil mixing
  • Upgrade or replacement of the dam core
  • Installation of cut-off walls and drains as well as spillway and slap anchors often combined with monitoring of dam performance


When it comes to mines, ground improvement and geotechnical services have become an increasingly important topic: settlement controls and mitigation requirements must always be studied to avoid any potential technical issues.

To avoid the issues and facilitate mining activity, Menard can assist on the following:

  • Slope stabilisation
  • Settlement controls
  • Mitigation
  • Mine tailings

Settlement controls and mitigation requirements must always be studied to avoid any potential technical issues. For an optimal result, the mining application
often calls for a combination of techniques including, but not limited to: soil mixing, grouting and slurry walls.

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