Remediation Works

Menard - Oceania Group remediation works

Thanks to a wide range of remediation works solutions, we can design and implement responses adapted to the constraints of your project. At our laboratory, we test and scale solutions, thus reducing the technical uncertainties.

Solutions for Soils

  • Venting, bioventing
  • Sparging
  • Biological treatments (biostimulation, bioaugmentation)
  • Mechanical extraction of volatile compounds in situ or on site (MAVENSOL® process)
  • Chemical immobilization
  • In situ oxidation and
  • Sleeved tubes injection (SOLG ROUT® process)
  • Soil mixing (SOLMIX® process)
  • Thermally assisted extraction, supported by porosity stimulation
  • Excavation-substitution with an augur
  • Reduction of volumes by screening
  • Soil washing
  • Excavation and evacuation of spoil
  • Containment on site
Menard - Oceania Group remediation works

Solutions for Groundwater

  • Pump and Treat
  • Sparging
  • Skimming in excavation or boreholes (ODS® process)
  • In situ oxidation
  • In situ reduction
  • Vertical containment on site
  • Draining trenches
  • Hydraulic barriers
  • Permeable Reactive Barriers, filtering gates
  • Cut-off walls

We offer 360°, turnkey solutions

Demolition, remediation, decontamination, and geotechnical improvement to deliver platforms ready for construction, as part of the global delivery of reconversion projects.


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