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Menard - Freyssinet Perth Services for industrial sites

Industrial activities may generate on-site effluents and sludge that must be treated and removed. Discover how we can provide innovative solutions to help you deliver a successful project.

How we can handle your industrial challenges

We facilitate industrial processes by handling:

  • Cleaning of sludge from settling tanks and ponds
  • Treatment of effluents
  • Sludge dewatering as a continuous process
  • On site pre-treatment of sludge or waste

Our techniques

  • Hydraulic or mechanical dredging/cleaning
  • Final clean-up of ponds
  • Dewatering by filtering bag, filter press, or centrifuge
  • Multi-phase separation
  • Water treatment by filtering, stripping, physico-chemical or biological means
  • Disposal or recovery of dewatered sludge and by-products
  • Stabilization using binders

Our strengths

  • A multi-technique approach
  • Process and equipment engineering capability
  • In-house supply of dredging, dewatering, and physico-chemical treatment equipment
  • Integration from the design phase of health and safety concerns
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